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I am a photographer who lives in Asheville.  The lens of my camera is a way I speak to the world. Each image has the power to unfold, transition, and come to life with every moment of a button. I enjoy serving people, helping them relax, and come alive within themselves while feeling not so photogenic.


Still Smiling is a phase I use on variety of occasions because life situations has its way of beating people down. My camera is my greatest resource that I use in a way to serve others in the times of many indifferent occasions and in this way we speak to the world. Still Smiling was just a thought when I was inflicted with staph infection from a bad surgery and I couldn't work for a year and six months, My camera was the only vital resource that gave me a voice. I spoke through situations, through trips, and through walks of every image I took. Experiencing the joy of my camera for the first time gave more meaning to why I liked taking pictures. I appreciate the value of creating what people see and want in themselves. You are as powerful of every visual image you see!

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